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chen rossii chequamegon national forest chester bowl chestnutcollared longspur chestnutsided warbler chick chickadee chickadees chipmunk chipping sparrow cholla chris gibbs christmas chrysemys picta chrysemys picta bellii chukar churchill churchill northern studies center cinnamon phase clapper rail clay county claycolored robin claycolored sparrow clethrionomys gapperi cliff cliff swallow cliffs climb climbing cling cloquet forestry cloquet forestry center cloquet river clouds cnemidophorus gularis coastal bend coastal bend wildlife photography contest cocoon cold colima warbler colonial nesting colonial seabird colony color color morph color phase colorado colorful common eider common garter snake common goldeneye common grackle common loon common merganser common milkweed common moorhen common nighthawk common raven common redpoll common tern common yellowthroat competition composite cone cones conflict confrontation congregation conifer connecticut warbler connor's point cook county cook street cooling off cooper's hawk cooperative hunting coot corkscrew swamp cormorant corn field corvid cottontail cottonwood couch's kingbird coughing up pellet courtship courtship display cow cowbird cowhorn lake coyote cr102 cr103 cr133 cr18 cr196 cr229 cr22929 cr27 cr29 cr29229 cr29correction line cr444 cr47 cr5 cr52 cr7 cr8 crabapple crabapples cracked corn cranberry road crane cranes creative creative blur creative image creative wildlife photography creek creek road crepuscular crest crested caracara crex meadows crimsoncollared grosbeak croak croaking crop field crosby manitou state park crossbill crossing crow crown cryptic coloration cto cubs cuckoo curiousity curlew curtains curvebilled thrasher cute cygnets dance dancing dark dark morph darkeyed junco dart road day time daylight dead dead deer dead trees december deciduous deciduous forest decoy deer deer carcass defense den derelict desert wildlife detail dickcissel dimorphism ding darling ding darling nwr dipper 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everglades national park evergreen ewe excavating excavation exotic species extracted frame from video extreme exuberance eye eye level eyelashes eyelevel eyes falcipennis canadensis falco peregrines falco sparverius falcon fall fall color fall color reflection fall colors fall out fall plumage fall warbler falling fallout falls family family vacation fan farm farm field fat feather feather care feathers february fecal sac feed feeder feeders feeding feeding station feeding stations feeding young feet felton felton prairie female female duck female warbler fen fence fence post fencepost ferruginous hawk field field sparrow field trip fieldfare fierce fight fighting finch finland finn road fire tower firehole lake drive firehole river first cycle first state nesting record first state record first winter first year first year male fish fisher fishing flap flapping flash fledged fledging fledgling fledglings flicker flight floating blind floating hide flock florida florida bird flower 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frog green heron green jay greentailed towhee greenwinged teal greeting grizzly grosbeak ground ground feeder ground feeding group grouse growth growth rings grub grubbing grubs grunting grus canadensis gulf coast gulf coast toad gulf coast western ribbon snake gull gulls gunflint trail gyrfalcon habitat habituated haccident hair hairs hairy woodpecker halfway point road halfway road haliaeetus leucocephalus hamden slough nwr hamline website hamline1 hamline2 hamline3 hamline4 hamline5 hamline6 harbor harbor seal harbour seal hardwick sewage ponds hare harlequin duck harris's hawk harris's sparrow hawk hawk owl hawk ridge hawk ridge bird observatory hawkowl hay lake public landing hayden valley hayfield haze hazy head head on head shake headon hearding island heavens hebron cemetery hedbom road heerman's gull hen henry allan gleason nature preserve hens henslow's sparrow herd hermit thrush heron herring gull herring gull x glaucous gull hesperaloe parviflora hiding high island high key highway 1 hilpiper road hind legs hoar frost hoarding hoary marmot hoary redpoll holes honeymoon hooded merganser hooded oriole hoot bump in the night horned grebe horned lark horned lizard horny toad horsehead lake hot house house finch house sparrow house sparrows house wren hover hrbo hudson bay hudsonian godwit humans and wildlife hummer hummingbird hummingbird feeder humor humorous hunger hungry hunt hunted hunting hwy 1 hwy 2 hybrid hyla versicolor ibis ice ice floe iceland iceland air iceland gull illinois immature immature bald eagle immature bird immature eagle inaturalist inca dove indian point indian point campground indigo bunting indigo snake industrial inner city intelligence intense intimidating introduced introduced species iphone iphone 7 iridescence irruption irruptive species isabella lake island lake itasc county itasca county itch ithica ivory gull jack pine jack snipe jaeger james river january jay jay cooke jay cooke state park jay west bog jean duluth road julie's jewel of a bog julies jewel of a bog july jump junco june juvenile juvenile plumage kelly j's kestrel kettle keyhole effect kidder county killdeer kimmestobin kimmestobin wetlands king eider kingbird kingfisher kinglet kiskadee kit kite kittiwake kittiwakes knot krenmueller farms krider's hawk lace ladybugs laguna atascosa lake lake county lake nichols lake nichols road lake storey park lake superior lake superior bird lake superior duck lake superior zoological gardens lakeside lamb landing landscape lapland longspur lapland rosebay larch larch beetle lark sparrow larry weber's land larus heermanni larus occidentalis larus philadelphia larus schistisagus larva larvae laugh laughing gull launch road lawrence's goldfinch laying lazy leaf leaf litter leap least bittern least flycatcher least grebe least sandpiper least tern leconte's sparrow lehardy rapids lek lens leopard frog lepus americanus lepus arcticus lesser blackbacked gull lesser yellowlegs lester river leucisism leucistic leucisticism liatris lichen lichens light light morph light pole lighthouse lima mountain road lincoln's sparrow lithobates berlandieri lithobates clamitans lithobates septentrionalis lithobates sylvatica lithobates sylvaticus little blue heron living bird feb 2017 submission lizard loaf loafing lofoten islands log logged area loggerhead shrike logging long exposure longbilled curlew longbilled thrasher longeared owl mcdavitt road saxzim bog mn longspur longtailed duck longtailed ducks longtailed jaeger longtailed skua longtailed weasel lontra canadensis loon loretta's feeders louisiana waterthrush lounging love lower falls lower geyser basin lower rio grande valley lrgv lutra canadensis lw511 lynx rufus magnolia warbler magpie mail box mailbox male male displaying mallard malvaviscus arboreus mammal mammals from aperture mammoth manitoba marbled godwit march marked marmota caligota marsh marsh bird marsh bird sunrise marsh wren marshbird marten martes americana martes martes martin martin county mary lou's feeders mated pair mating may mcbs mcdavitt rd mcdavitt road mcquade safe harbor meadow meadowlark menards merganser merlin merte's landing mesquite metal michigan mid air migrant migrate migrating migration migration fallout milkweed milky way miller creek mimic mink frog minnesota minnesota point minnow miss piggy mississippi river mist mixed flock mn23 mob mobbing mockingbird molt molting mom and dad's house monochrome monticello moody moon moorhen moose moose lake sewage ponds morning morph morse's morse's feeders motion motion blur motionless mountain mountain ash mountain ash berries mountain ash fruit mountain bluebird mountains mourning dove mourning warbler movie movie frame mud mud flats mudflats mulberry mullein murphy road murray county murre muskmellon muskrat muskrat house mustard mustela erminae mustela frenata mustelid mute swan myodes gapperi mystery bird nachusa grasslands namekagon fen namekagon river nana's nana's farm nana's pond nashville warbler national monument national park national wildlife refuge natural cavity natural perch nature nd filter neck band neckband nectar nectaring nectaring bird negrito negrito tree nelson's gull nelson's sharptailed sparrow nelson's sparrow nemadji river nest nest box nest cavity nest defense nest material nest welcome center nesting nesting bird nesting material nestling nestlings nests new mexico nichols lake nichols lake road night night photography nighthawk nikon nocturnal nonbreeding norman county norris camp north north admiral road north american porcupine north dakota north shore north woods northern bobwhite northern cardinal northern flicker northern flying squirrel northern goshawk northern hardwood forest northern harrier northern hawk owl northern hawkowl northern leopard frog northern mockingbird northern parula northern pintail northern sagebrush lizard northern sawwhet owl northern shoveler northern shoverler northern shrike northern waterthrush northern white cedar norway november nubbins nuisance bird nut nuthatch nwr oak hammock marsh october odocoileus virginianus oil refinery old central old gardiner road old nest hole old superior street old yellowstone road oldsquaw olive sparrow olivesided flycatcher one leg orange orange gel orange silhouette orangecrowned warbler orchard oriole oregon junco oriole ornithologist orr bog walk osprey otter out of focus ovenbird overcrowding owl owl ave feeders owl avenu owl avenue owl pellet owlet owls of the north oystercatcher pacific loon pacific ocean padre island pagami creek fire painted bunting painted turtle pair pair bonding pale palm warbler pan panning panning blur panorama paper birch parasitic jaeger parental care park park point parking area partial albino parula patches pattern patterns pauvola creek peanut peanut butter peanuts peary road peatland peavey elevator pectoral sandpiper pelage pelagic pelagic bird pelagic trip pelican pelicans pellet pelt perch perch lake perched peregrine falcon phalarope pheasant philadelphia vireo philadelphia warbler phoebe photographer photography photoshelter photoshop phrynosoma cornutum picoides arcticus piedbilled grebe pier pigeon pileated woodpecker pileated woodpecker cavity piloerection pine pine county pine grosbeak pine marten pine siskin pine warbler pines pinicola enucleator pink pinon jay pinyon jay piping plover plain chachalaca plane plane crash plastic owl play plover plumage plume plunge hole polk county pomarine jaeger pond pond life pool porcupine portage portrait post box postbox postcard posturinn pouch pounce power line power pole praire prairie prairie bird prairie chicken prairie marsh prairie pothole prairie species prairie wildlife predation predator predator call preen preening preens prey prickly prickly pear print program pronghorn pronghorn antelope prothonotary warbler pseudacris crucifer pseudacris maculate public landing puffin pup purple purple finch purple martin pursue pursuing pursuit pussy willow pyrrhuloxia quack quail quaking aspen r owl avenue rabbbit rabbit racek's rail rain rainy lake rana berlandieri rana clamitans rana pipiens rana septentrionalis rana sylvatica ranch randall road rapids raptor rare rare bird rarity ratty raven rear view rear view mirror red red crossbill red eye red eyes red fox red knot red squirrel red yucca redbacked vole redbellied snake redbellied woodpecker redbreasted merganser redbreasted nuthatch redeyed vireo redhead rednecked grebe rednecked phalarope redpoll redshafted flicker redstart redtailed hawk redthroated loon redwinged blackbird reflection reintroduction relax relaxation remote trigger resaca rescue creek rescue creek trail research reserach rest resting reykjavik rhododendron lapponicum rhododendrop lapponicum rib cage ribbon snake rice lake nwr richardson's merlin rim light ring ringbilled gull ringed kingfisher ringnecked duck ringnecked pheasant rio grande rio grande leopard frog rio grande valley river river otter road road kill road trip roadkilled deer roadrunner roadside robin rock rock county rock dove rock hill. umd rock pigeon rock pond rock wren rocks rocky mountain elk rocky mountains rodent rookery roost roost hole roosting roots roseate spoonbill rosebreasted grosbeak ross's goose rosy finch roughlegged hawk roughwinged swallow roughwinged swallows royal tern rubycrowned kinglet rubythroated hummingbird ruddy duck ruddy turnstone ruffed gouse ruffed grouse rump run running rushes rusty blackbird ryan ryan marshik sagebrush lizard sand sand lake national wildlife refuge sanderling sandhill crane sandpiper sandwich tern sap saturation savanna portage state park savannah portage state park savannah sparrow sawbill landing road sax road saxzim saxzim bog saxzim bog mn saxzim photo talk say's phoebe scaled quail scaup scavenge scavenger scavenging sceloporus graciosus sceloporus graciosus graciosus sceloporus olivaceus scenic scenic 61 scenic and wild river scent scent marking schillo's land scientist scissortailed flycatcher sciurus niger scolding scope scoters scott's oriole scratch scream scrub jay sculpture sea duck seabird seagull search seasonal change second cycle second winter sedge sedge wren sedge wren felton prairie seed dispersal seeds self portrait semipalmated plover sepia september set up several sewage pond sewage ponds sexual sexual dimorphism shade shadow shake shallow depth of field sharpshinned hawk sharptailed grouse shearwater shedding sheen shell shipwreck shorebird shorebirds shoreline drive shortbilled dowitcher shorteared owl shorttailed weasel shoveler shrew shrike shutter speed siblings sick dog sick dog ranch sidelight sign signs silhouette silver silver fox sing singing sisters skeleton trees skimmer skogstjarna skua sky sky rat slatybacked gull sleep sleeping sleepy slow smell smelling smugmug sna snag snake snake bird snakebird snapping turtle snapseed snipe snow snow bunting snow buntings snow goose snow roosting snowbank snowing snowshoe hare snowshoes snowy egret snowy owl snowy plover soaptree yucca soar soaring soda butte creek solitary sandpiper solitary vireo song song sparrow songbird sony a6500 sora south brule road south dakota south texas south texas shootout southeast southern redbacked vole sow spanish dagger sparkles sparky sparring sparrow specialized species speckled alder speed sphagnum spider web spiny lizard splits spoonbill sport utility vehicle spotbreasted oriole spotted sandpiper spring spring bird spring birds spring lake spring migrant spring migration spring peeper spruce spruce bog spruce cone spruce cones spruce grouse spruce road squeeked out squirrel sshape st. louis county st. louis river st. louis river estuary staff and volunteer trip stalked sparky stalking stalking sparky standing stark starling stars starvation state park staying warm steam steller's jay stensaas street stercorarius longicaudus stercorarius parasiticus stickney road still still frame stilt stilt sandpiper stone lake stone lake public landing stone lake road stoney river forest road stoney river road stony river forest road storeria occipitomaculata occipitomaculata stork stray stream streams stretch stretching strix nebulosa strix varia suet sugar water summer summer plumage summit ledges sun sun bathing sunflower sunflower seeds sunning sunrise sunset sunset silhouette superior superior entry superior middle school superior national forest surf surf scoter surf spray surfbird surnia ulula survival suv swainson's hawk swainson's warbler swallow swamp swamp sparrow swan swans sweden swenson road swimming tadpole tadpoles tagged tail take off take over taking off talk talking tallus tallus slope tamarack tame tangled taunt teal teddy roosevelt national park teeth telephone line telephone pole telephoto temporary tengmalm's owl tennessee warbler tern territorial display territorial dispute territory texas texas backyard birds texas bird texas birds texas bluebonnets texas horned lizard texas spiny lizard texas spotted whiptail texas tortoise texas. sick dog ranch thamnophis proximus thamnophis proximus proximus thamnophis sirtalis thanksgiving thayer's gull the fens the highway the nature conservancy theodore roosevelt national park thief lake wildlife management area thief lake wma thin as a rail things that go buzz thirteenlined ground squirrel thistle thrasher threat display threatened bird three lakes road threetoed woodpecker thrush timber wolf time tiny tired tnc toad tobinkimmes tobinkimmes wetlands toes toivola swamp tom tomahawk trail toms tongue top ten tortoise tortoise shell touch the sky nwr touch the sky prairie tower junction towhee townsend's solitaire toyota tracks traffic trap trap doors tree tree cavity tree climbing tree frog tree swallow treefrog tricolored heron triplets tripod tripod over head trick tripsscandinavia from aperture tripswyoming from aperture troll trout run creek trail trumpeter swan trumpeter swans trunk tubers tucked in tufted titmouse tundra tundra swan tungsten turk's cap turkey turkey vulture turkey vuluture turnstone turtle turtle shell twin lakes road two harbors ugly umd unbanded underexposure ungainly unique uperior national forest upland sandpiper upper cloquet river upper mississippi national wildlife refuge upper red lake upside down upsidedown urban urban bird urban birds urban wildlife urocyon cinereoargenteus utah vacation vagrant varied thrush veery velvet ventura vermillion flycatcher vernal vernal pond vernal pool vertical vesper sparrow vformation vireo virginia rail vocalization vole vulture walking wapiti warbler warbler wednesday warbling vireo warmth warren nelson bog wasatch mountains water water bird water birds water ouzel water pipit waterbird waterfall waterfowl watsula watsula rd watsula road waxwing weasel weather weathered weed weeds welcome cente welcome center welcome center site western western gull western kingbird western meadowlark western morph western painted turtle western ribbon snake western scrub jay western tanager western waterfront trail wetland wetlands whale whimbrel whiptail whistling duck white white ibis white pelican white pine whitebreasted nuthatch whitecrowned sparrow whiteeyed vireo whiteface river whitefaced ibis whitefish point whiteheaded woodpecker whitetailed deer whitetailed kite whitethroated sparrow whitetipped dove whitewater state park whitewater wma whitewinged crossbill whitewinged dove whitewinged scoter whyte road wide wide angle wide angle lens wide angle wildlife wigeon wild wild turkey wildflowers wildlife wildlife in the landscape wildlife management area wildlife photography wildlife prairie park wildlife research wildlife tourism willet williamson's sapsucker willow willow ptarmigan willows wilson's phalarope wilson's plover wilson's snipe wilson's warbler window windshield wing tag wings wings spread winnipeg winter winter animal winter bird winter birds winter finch winter food winter plumage winter visitor winter waterfowl winter wildlife winter wren winterberry bog wintering wire wisconsin wisconsin point wma wolf wolf pack wood duck wood fence post wood frog wood stork wood turtle woodcock wooden wooden fence post woodpecker woolly bear caterpillar wooly bear caterpillar worm wrangellst. elias wren wrenshall city park wrenshall wildlife management area wrenshall wma wyoming yawn yellow yellow birch yellow warbler yellowbellied bog yellowbellied flycatcher yellowbellied sapsucker yellowbilled cuckoo yellowgreen yellowheaded blackbird yellowrumped warbler yellowshafted flicker yellowstone yellowstone national park yellowstone picnic area yellowstone river yellowthroated vireo yoki road yosemite national park young young male yucca zim road zim wma zion zion national park zoo